About Me

As a mother of two, an amateur photographer, and world traveler who married someone with the same travel bug, I have always gravitated to experiences that involve creativity, adventure, and bring people together. 

While we like to travel as a family, we equally enjoy spending quality time at home. Fort-making, make-believe play, and sleepovers are a favorite pastime in our household, so when I explored the idea of creating Happy Valley Slumber, LLC for others to enjoy, my family was all in! 

I am excited to create a special and memorable space for you and your loved ones as they celebrate a special milestone, birthday, or just want to hang out with their BFFs. 

Due to my own family obligations, I may not be able to accommodate rentals every weekend, but I look forward to offering up to 25 sleepover rentals per year.

Thank you for inviting us into your home and for trusting Happy Valley Slumber to be part of your special occasion!

Sweet dreams,


Photo credit: My R.A.D Pics